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Sunday, 3 April 2016


Sunday, 7 February 2016


This post is three months too late.

We went to Japan last November, we, meant my mother and I.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

SINCERELY, CARTER by Whitney Gracia Williams

Just like what I've posted in my goodreads profile, I LOVE BESTFRIENDS-TO-LOVERS stories! They're just GREAT! This book got me super happy and weepy, the best kind of stories, with the high dose of kilig and drama.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


JANUARY 11, 2016


I'm going to Bicol next month for a Convention. Naga is the exact location but, since I'm going there, might as well have a little side trip to Legaspi, Albay. I booked a plane to Legaspi, while searching for places to go in Legaspi, I found Lake Danao and read the word Pandaca Pygmea. Pandaca Pygmea was once declared the smallest fish in the world, which can be found in Lake Danao. 

Pandaca Pygmea, the words stuck to me as a little child. 

I think I was about 8 years old when I attended a birthday party. The clowns in that party was fooling around, asking kids random questions thinking we don't know the answers.We were asked the question "Ano ang pinakamaliit na isda sa buong mundo?". Many answered "Dilis", and I being the shy kid that I was blurted out "PANDACA PYGMEA". The kids looked at me differently, like "what the hell is she saying" look. Even the clowns had that look. I explained it is found in Lake Danao and it really IS the smallest fish in the world. :) 

I got the prize. Maybe it was discussed at school that year that it stuck to me. 

Friday, 18 December 2015


December 18, 2015

Looks like I'm on the roll tonight.
While uploading photos from yesterday's office Christmas Party and today's wedding, AND listening to James Reid's voice (swoon... he's so macho and his voice is so smooth and cold, how old is he anyway, I've been crushing on teenagers lately, the other one's Shawn Mendez, makes me feel like a cougar) I'll write a review about November 9 by Colleen Hoover. Twas release last November 10, but it took me weeks before considering to read it. I don't know why it took me weeks before reading it. Since i'm in love with Hoover's writing, my expectations were quite high.


December 18, 2015

Just finished reading Beautiful Redemption this afternoon. 
I think its the third book of the Maddox Brothers by Jamie McGuire. 

Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Oblivion
Beautiful Redemption

Let me tell you first that as much as I LOVE books, I have a little problem with remembering them. I've read hundreds of books already (well according to my Goodreads account, I've read 240 books as of today, December 18, 2015) and only a few sticks to me, only my favorites in which I like to re-read. 

So here's the deal, I've read the first book, Beautiful Disaster around three years ago (my Goodreads acount says I read it December 2012), Its about Travis and Abby, I loved it. Why? Because I'm a sucker for bestfriends to lovers stories, though they aren't really friends at first, it all started as a bet, then they became close, there's a lot of jealousy involved (I love the I-cant-love-you-because-im-your-friend-and-i-might-lose-you-but-i-dont-want-you-with-anyone-but-me kind of stories), Abby and Travis' relationship gave birth to problems in which the latter books will, uhmm, solve, right.