Sunday, 4 September 2016


This was the moment that I knew I shouldn't be making itineraries when I'm travelling with my mom.
Here in Meiji Shrine

Located in the heart of Tokyo, from all that concrete jungle, there's an oasis which is the Meiji Shrine.
It was a cold afternoon, and especially cold entering the forested place.
Meiji Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife.

It was a long walk from the entrance to the Shrine, the path was rocky, so
better NOT wear heels.
It was soooo cold entering the forest-ty place, since it was afternoon close to night.

These are barrels of sake donated to the Shrine. 

I tell you, there are lots of torii or Japanese gates in the place. 

You can also do Omikuji in Meiji Shrine 

Behind this Wishing Wall is the wishing tree, a sacred Camphor tree.
You need to pay extra to make a wish. 
Wishing Wall

This is the Offering Hall, where you can pray to the Gods. 
You will do the clap twice routine 
Here's how to do it, first you throw a coin to the offering, then you bow twice, 
then clap twice, then you pray.
I always wanted to do that. :)
Offering Hall

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